Why can't I find the person or information I'm seeking?

Why can't I find the person or information I'm seeking?

Sorry you’re not finding the right results! Here are some things you can try to find exactly what you are looking for.

Verify the Information

Your first step might be to verify the information you're using to search. After all, the more accurate details you provide, the better your results will be.

Spelling and Typos

For example, double check the spelling of a person’s last name, or make sure you’ve entered the right area code for a phone number. Or you might broaden your search. If you're not finding someone with their name, try searching for their phone number instead.


Is the name fairly common? In that case, also entering the person's city and state of residence (currently, or in the past), or adding their middle name and/or age range can help you narrow down the results.

Of course, you may try all of these things and still not find the results you were hoping for. The fact is, there may just not be any records available. That can happen if the subject opted out their records, their records were expunged by a court, or they simply have no criminal records or property records to speak of. (Few subjects have every different type of public record there is.)

As an aggregator of public records, AnswerLady can only display what is officially reported; unfortunately, some of what's officially reported has incorrect information, missing data, typos, and other errors. Apart from simply having the wrong information for someone, such things can actually keep the record from being properly associated with a person.

If you still aren’t able to find the person, we are here to help you explore every possible avenue. Please contact our Customer Care team directly, and we will look into it.