How do I access public records data?

How do I access public records data?

Public records are collected by and housed at thousands of clerk offices across the U.S. If you’re looking for data about just one individual, their records probably aren't all in one place; they are likely stored in multiple locations. Considering you often have to request public records in person, this can make it difficult to find all the information you need on your own.

Online Records

Online public records search services like AnswerLady make it easy to get comprehensive public records data. In one central location, you have access to billions of current and historical records, which can help give you an authoritative overview of any subject.

Searching and Compiling Records

When you run a search, our system instantly looks through several massive databases and compiles all the relevant information. It then displays that data in a single clean, concise report. This is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to access public records.