How do I remove my information from AnswerLady?

We value your privacy and, upon request, can block your records from being shown on We are unable to remove any information about you from databases operated by third parties. AnswerLady offers a fast and easy way to remove your records online. To remove your public records from AnswerLady, please click here. (We do not accept opt-out requests via fax or mail.)

Can I use AnswerLady for screening employees or tenants?

AnswerLady is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), so you cannot use information on AnswerLady to screen for employment, tenancy, credit, or other purpose governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA is a federal law created to regulate credit agencies' collection and reporting of consumers' personal data. Permissible Use What can you use AnswerLady for? You can use our site to ...

Can I look up info about minors or celebrities?

You may not look up minors or celebrities on AnswerLady. Minors In order to protect the identities and safety of minors, we do not provide searches for individuals under 18 years old. (Neither are you supposed to perform searches on AnswerLady if you’re under 18.) Celebrities For similar protection purposes, celebrity information is considered non-public information, which includes information ...

Can people see that I searched for them?

All searches on our web site are private. There is no way that anyone you search for on the site can see that you did so. Search Confidentiality We keep your searches completely confidential from the public, as well as from any other AnswerLady members. If you want to see your searches, you can view your search history when you log into your account.

Is the AnswerLady web site secure?

Yes, it is! AnswerLady uses a sophisticated system of encryption to camouflage the data that passes between your computer and ours. It keeps your credit card and personal user information from being intercepted by unauthorized entities on the Internet. AnswerLady uses such encryption to keep your personal information safe.

Do you sell my customer account information (name, email address, credit card)?

No, we do not. We require this information only to set up your account and for processing payments. Your customer account information is only used for providing services to your account. We do not add this information to any publicly accessible databases, nor do we sell it.

How does AnswerLady protect my privacy?

AnswerLady values your privacy, and we have explicitly outlined how we use the information we gather in the AnswerLady Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy In this policy, we explain the permissions and protections we have in place to maintain the privacy of our users and their subjects. It is directed by both standard codes of conduct for online businesses, as well as information and data privacy la...